Fourth Year - Int. M.Tech

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Knowledge of pharmaceutical engineering processes.


Study of protein functions and modifications and detection methods.


Basics of Robotics and development of algorithms using Matlab and GNU Octave.

Tissue Engineering

Culture of tissue cells and other tissue engineering techniques.

Third Year - Int. M.Tech​

Biosensors & IoT

Development & Fabrication of biosensors, Use of WiFi enables dev-boards for IoT connectivity.


Data Analytics

Data analysis and warehousing with help of python packages, Basics of big data and Hadoop.

Machine Learning & AI

Knowledge of Linear and Logistic regression, Clustering algorithms, Artificial neural network algorithms.

Biomedical Instrumentation

Designing & development of medical instruments, Tools as MATLAB and Jupyter for image analysis

Second Year - Int. M.Tech​

Data mining & Warehousing

Data mining techniques and data warehousing protocols. 


Study of enzymes and their practical applications.

Genetic Engineering

Knowledge about gene functions and genetic engineering processes.

Java and Web Technology

Java programming and Webpage development using HTML and JavaScript

First Year - Int. M.Tech


Basic application of statistical methods to topics in biology.


Study of cytology with practical approach in mind. 


Focus on experimental study of classes of microorganism


Knowledge about different type of molecules in our body.