Pulse Signal Acquisition

March – May, 2018 / SEM IV

Pulse signal was acquired and processed using sensor as a photodiode and microcontroller as Arduino Nano. A fixed enclosure was 3-D printed to take easy and secure pulse reading. In order to obtain real time heart rate data on the phone, a Bluetooth connectivity using HC-05 Bluetooth module with smartphone was set up. A custom android app was developed which displayed live pulse signal in form of a graph.

Centric Relation Recorder

October – December, 2018 / SEM V

Out team worked on designing an innovative centric relation recorder for assembling dentures for dentulous and edentulous patients. The current method of recording teeth indentation is inaccurate and depends on the dentist’s experience. Our prototype proposed the table-top portable device that was easy to operate and automated for easy jaw readings. We participated and presented this project at Medical device Hackathon (MEDHA ’18) held by BeTic Labs of IIT Bombay.

MANAV - Human Atlas

November – December, 2018 / SEM V

I was a part – time intern at Persistent Systems, working on a Govt. collaborative project along with many Govt. institutes and private industries as well. The project was based on development of a health science database called “MANAV”. It required the work of manual curation of data and its annotation in buckets and categories, collected from published research papers in international journals for a infographic and interactive web-database.

Development of Paper sensor

January – June, 2019 / SEM VII

Microwave-assisted synthesis silver-polysaccharide nanocomposite and its characterization using XRD, UV-Vis spectroscopy, HR-TEM, SEM, FTIR, and XPS was done. Fabrication of paper-based sensor for real-time analysis of hydrogen peroxide using synthesized silver-polysaccharide nanocomposite. Use of RGB analysis and image processing to sense a change in color intensity for the detection of the presence of hydrogen peroxide with help of a smartphone camera. Paper has been published in international journal - Environmental Technology by Taylor and Francis in Feb, 2020.


September, 2019 – March, 2020 / SEM VII & SEM VIII

Project was based on concepts of Precision Agriculture & IoT. Development of prototypes using microcontrollers i.e Arduino, ESP 32 (Wi-Fi Enabled board), Raspberry Pi. Programming was done in multiple languages as C, JS, Python. Our work included PCB designing and etching, 3 -D printing prototypes. This project was a part of Govt. funded project at CSIR – National Chemical Laboratory.